Kevin Toms Football * Manager

Kevin Toms Football * Manager

Kevin Toms Football * Manager

Kevin Toms Ltd Sportspiele

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Kevin Toms Football Star Manager Preview

Football Star Manager - the name

Kevin Toms Football Star Manager is the revitalised classic 1980s Football Manager game. Kevin Toms wrote the first Football Manager for release in 1982 and it is considered an all time classic. Kevin is also considered to be the founder of the genre of Football Manager games.

This recreation is a game to play anywhere, anytime, on your mobile, and build up your saved game history of your team. It's gripping, easy to play and if you played the original Football Manager you will feel nostalgia. - A game that is much easier to learn and play than similar Football Manager games but with a subtle depth.

Kevin has reconstructed the game for mobiles and stayed faithful to the original gameplay, while using his unique design skills to update it to work on modern mobiles.

With familiar features: 4 Divisions, Promotion and Relegation, Cup Matches, + Euro Cup matches, Transfer Market - Buy and Sell Players. Strategy and Tactics, Build up your squad, Deal with financial pressures, and try and make your club rich and successful as you climb the league and have a lot of fun doing it!

** Full Game, No In-App purchases! **

Allow all skill levels in all divisions
Nostalgia for some: 99 to Continue setting!
Play your music - continues while game plays with sound off option.
More goalies available in transfer market
Remove “Beginners level too hard!” bug.
Other gameplay improvements
Fixed bug where goalkeepers often score!
Fixed bug where bonuses for Cup wins do not pay
Remove opponents fitness bug
Replay Team ratings fixed.